How to Buy/Sell Bitcoins in Australia With Minimum Effort.

How to Buy/Sell Bitcoins in Australia With Minimum Effort.

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This post is about how to buy and Sell Bitcoins in Australia as easy as possible with little to no paper work involved the websites we will be discussing is (COINBASE) and (BTC MARKETS)
These websites are based on my personal experience of trying to buy and sell btc.

Coinbase requires standard information on first sign in and only 1 piece of ID to verify you.
Coinbase identification is very quick and you will be able to access the website shortly after.
Now this is a few downsides of Coinbase the main issue being the fee’s. I would not recommend Coinbase to anyone wanting to only transfer small amounts of bitcoin as there is a standard $3 network fee and about a 4% initial purchase fee.
Now there is some upsides to Coinbase such as being able to purchase bitcoin with a Credit/Debit Card and the quickness you receive those bitcoins. Coinbase is easy to use with multiple different coins such as Ethereum and Litecoin and can those coins can be held at the website as a temporary wallet.

Now you cannot sell Bitcoin from Coinbase if you are an Australian resident. But with BTCMarkets you can! Once again BTCMarkets is easy to setup and use. With a bank account setup you can withdraw your bitcoin > AUD easily and only takes a few business days such as other bank transfers.
You may also purchase Bitcoin through BTC Markets however it cannot be done with a Credit/Debit Card and has to be done through certain banks and in some cases they have a high minimum deposit.

So, the best easiest way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin is with a mixture of Coinbase And BTCMarkets.

– Cheers